Underfoot GlobalLoad New Models

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Underfoot GlobalLoad New Models

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Casual Dreams uses some of the cool new models available with the RoF2 client for Events.

To view some of the fancy new models using the Underfoot client, add the following to your GlobalLoad.txt
  • C:\Underfoot\Resources\GlobalLoad.txt
  • Make a backup copy of your GlobalLoad.txt
  • Copy and paste the following at the bottom of your GlobalLoad.txt
  • Save, restart client, and enjoy!
  • Check back here for updates if an Event NPC looks human and shouldn't

Code: Select all

3,0,TFFFC,bnf.eqg,Loading Characters
3,0,TFFFC,avk.eqg,Loading Characters
3,0,TFFFC,gnl.eqg,Loading Characters
3,0,TFFFC,cnt.eqg,Loading Characters
3,0,TFFFC,sin.eqg,Loading Characters
3,0,TFFFC,MSO.eqg,Loading Horses
3,0,TFFFC,MHY.eqg,Loading Characters
3,0,TFFFC,MFR.eqg,Loading Characters
3,0,TFFFC,MCL.eqg,Loading Characters
3,0,TFFFC,mta.eqg,Loading Characters
3,0,TFFFC,mbr.eqg,Loading Characters
3,0,TFFFC,msd.eqg,Loading Characters
3,0,TFFFC,tpl.eqg,Loading Characters
3,0,TFFFC,rdg.eqg,Loading Characters
3,0,TFFFC,mwr.eqg,Loading Characters
3,0,TFFFC,swc.eqg,Loading Characters
3,0,TFFFC,mcs.eqg,Loading Characters
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