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Amazing Server

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Zeka's original... contribution:
wow i leave for a year and a half and not one new change to server. Took you all of 6 months to burn out poru?

Rayne still running around like a little hitler cop? -Zeka
Poru here, translating this to healthy person language for those who don't speak wounded soul:
Hi Poru, could you fill me in on what's new? I took an extended break for 18 months. I hope all is well with you and that the server keeps going strong for another 3 years.

How is Rayne doing? Well I hope.

-The Zeka we all hope for someday
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Re: Dead Server

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Alright, now that it's translated I can do a proper reply:

Thanks for stopping by, Zeka, I am doing well and the server is going strong.

The last big addition was the Fabled Temple of Veeshan instance. I think you would really enjoy it.

I have been mostly focused on holiday events and player support for several months because I am very busy with my children and work.

I am really looking forward to having more time in the future to implement my many ideas for more events/content.

Rayne no longer does guide work because he is very busy at home as well. He does still play when able.

I hope you get well and return to us when able.

Since you have been warned for being toxic on the forums in the past I have taken the liberty of giving you a one year ban so that you can focus on yourself.

I genuinely hope it helps.

Happy hunting!