Adventure Stone Augment

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Adventure Stone Augment

Post by Phentop » 21 Apr 2020 11:03

How do you level up your Adventure Stone Augment if you cant enter the Adventures? or is there a better augment to use for your charm slot?

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Re: Adventure Stone Augment

Post by y2sky2003 » 22 Apr 2020 08:50

There are a couple of other charm items out there, but the best-in-slot is easily going to be your Epic 1.0. It's modified to go in the charm slot with 4 aug slots on this server.

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Re: Adventure Stone Augment

Post by crazedhobo » 17 May 2020 13:07

Yes, do your epic, mileage varies between classes depending whether they get passives on top of the stats, but they're all better than any of the other charms available.

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