Ogerz's Observation

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Ogerz's Observation

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Many questions regarding Warrior Usefulness and DPS are posted on the server, as well as best weapons to use.

Ogerz decided to do experimentsz to answer these questions, using objective and verifiable data.

Executive summary and analysis (made by the smart brains in the family, Ogerz not smart):

1. Based on parsed data, warriors are competitive regarding DPS compared with other classes. This is very pronounced when they can get good gear and weapons, such as Spiked Steel Baton.


2. Parsed data indicate warriors tank end and custom bosses, bar none.

3. The best DPS and tanking weapons for a warrior are dual spiked steel batons. If these is not available or achievable, Mace of tortured nightmares in the main hand, and fabled katana of pain in the offhand is a reasonable substitute.



4. Parses indicate that warriors do not benefit from talents that increase critical damage from weapon procs. This is a different story regarding melee hybrids such as rangers, beast lords and bards. These classes have access to the spell fury talent AAs. Because of this, dual wielding spiked steel batons for these 3 classes will produce a higher incremental DPS compared to warriors.

5. Statistics to prioritize to increase DPS in particular order of importance: combat effects, attack, accuracy, strikethrough, heroic dexterity.

6. Items that add to the riposte skill increase DPS, especially with high proccing weapons such as SSB.

7. Bash and kick miss less than regular melee swings. Adding +kick and + bash damage items can significantly increase DPS.

Hopefully this information will be helpful to the casual dreams server community and to the young warriors in training.

In Memoriam,

Other classes DPS - Parsed by Poru:
compare with warrior DPS:
dual wielding spiked steel batons – 704 DPS
Mace of tortured nightmares main hand, fabled katana of pain offhand – 641 DPS

Berserker DPS, Full AA:

Ranger DPS, full AA:

Rogue DPS,Full AA:

Monk DPS, Full AA:

Beastlord DPS, with Pet, Full AA:

Wizard DPS, Full AA:

Warrior Test using Level 65 Dummy:

Using dual Spiked Steel Baton on DPS Training Dummy:


Using Mace of Tortured Nightmares Mainhand and Fabled Katana of Pain Offhand:


Using Arc of Pain Mainhand, Fabled Katana of Pain Offhand:

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Re: Ogerz's Observation

Post by Eden »

What is a good/ideal "combat effects" to aim for?

I currently have it up to 55, I could get more but it would require some fairly big sacrifices such as losing Ferocity 5, cleave 3, 35% magic damage increase (makes Time Rend do more damage).
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