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Just in case there are any other SKs out there willing to go through this quest I wanted to let you all know it is possible to do. There are a few drops that are super rare but everything will eventually drop.

Some notable items that were rare are:
Misscribed lifetap from giants in Warsilks is fairly rare. (Misscribe gate drops quite often)
Visceral Dagger parts in Dalnir were all fairly rare.
Stone key from the globlin penkeer who is located in Frontier Mountains and not in Droga. (This camp took me to max ally with the Sarnaks)
Hammer 1406 from Weaponsmit Ko'Zirr is not 100% drop rate like listed on other sites and seems to be uncommon. (No faction hits for killing this guy)
Greenish Metal Shard off of a Alchemist`s Acolyte seems to be ultra rare. (Took me from max ally to max hated and even more kills afterwards to get this drop)

This version of Greenmist is usable by all SKs. Dont even have to be an SK to do the quest either, I completed the quest with my bard. The Pawn's Khukri is able to be traded. If you don't want to do The Penance quest to try and get one then just make a newbie Iksar SK and trade off the Khukri to whoever you are going to do the quest with. Multiple times during the quest I received back the previous Khukri and item I turned in along with the newer Khukri. This enables you to max out your faction with the Crusaders of Greenmist quickly if you want to.
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