New Player Leveling Suggestions

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New Player Leveling Suggestions

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Having looked around the forms I haven't seen everything listed in just one post so wanted to put something together that might help for new players.

On Casual Dreams make sure if you can cast PBAOE (Personal Buble Area of Effect) do it. This will make leveling up so much faster if you don't have PBAOE use any AOE spell or Skill you have. These will only hit 4 mobs at a time but still faster than 1 at a time.

Make sure to purchase some complete heal pots from the casual dreams vendor and keep them in the first slot of your first bag. Now create a hot button that looks like this :

/Target (char name)
/pause 2
/Useitem 23 0

This will target yourself and use your heal pot. Now you can just hit the tab to target the closet mob and get back to killing.

I also suggest a few radiant cure pots to get rid of any root spells that might land you.

Getting Damage Shield potions will speed up the leveling process but starting out they can be expensive. If your class has a DS of their own make sure to keep it up at all times.

Level 1
Hit the tutorial and complete the charm quest from Arias go to the Casual Dreams vendor buy bags for free and bounce to POK because the EXP here is not as good as in other places.(Yes I know exp is the same everywhere but the loot and amount of mobs is just not as good ) next head over to crescent reach using the POK stone.

From the zone in, kill everything, snakes, rats, and cats until level 5 staying between the river and the city entrance. make sure to keep any armor drops these mobs drop the hands and wrists, these sell for PP so let's focus on them and any gems. everything else is just trash

Level 5
Cross the bridge to the next area, just north of where you have been hunting, again pull as many as you can handle AOE/PBAOE them all down, mobs are social here so pulling one might pull a few.

Drakes, Bear cubs and Cats. these all drop arms and helms again keep them for PP make sure to equip one that you can use.

Level 10
Moving up the right-hand side of the river you will find some caves one has Cats the other has Bears, again pull as many as you can handle and keeps blasting away with your AOE. If you have not sold and bought spells yet now is a good time to do it, before passing level 10 . Crescent Reach is just down the hill with Spell vendors and Guild Masters. you should have enough PP to buy your needed spells to level 20 .
if you went to get spells, go back to the caves and kill everything in sight. until level 15

Level 15
Keep head right up along the river until you get to a cave with the undead, I normally do this in 2-3 Pulls but again pull what you can. These mobs drop the chest pice and legs, use what you need sell what you don't . keep doing this until level 20.

Level 20
Head over to POK and buy your spells up to and including level 30. Our next port of call is Castle Mistmore. once you get your spells, take the POK book to Kelethan and follow the map to Lesser Faydwar, and then onward to Mistmore.

once in Mistmore start out in the from the zone in killing all the mobs around this area, the pond, the corner up to the tunnel. if you're still going good move up through the tunnel pull all then and lastly into the graveyard. this should get you to 25.

Level 25
Keep doing your cycle except start at the Graveyard and work your way north and up to the pit, then up the ramp to the castle entrance rinse and repeat. As you level you can progress further and further, keep going until level 35.

Level 35
Gulf of Gunthak is next on our list. From the POK book make sure you are using levitate as it's much faster than swimming, head to the beach. We are going to be mass pulling the beach for the next few levels. Slowly moving inwards towards the pirate stronghold. And finally moving onward once again until the town. This should easily get you to level 46.

Level 46
Now you have a choice, start your epic, or continue leveling. I highly suggest starting your epic. If you don't want to do your epic it's time to move to either Chardok or Old Sebilis. Both offer good loot and the ability to mass pull. I suggest you start 4-6 mobs at a time until you gain a few more levels. Then you can increase. Both dungeons are fairly linear so continue to progress onward into whichever one you choose.
Both will take you to 60 if you want. Beware that mobs in Sebilis will strip you of any enchants you may have gotten.

Still working out 60+ I will update it as I progress
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