Anyone played an Enchanter

They do it with charm and haste.
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Anyone played an Enchanter

Post by Quazz »

Hi All,

Having a lot of fun on the server, and was thinking about rolling an Ench. Has anyone ever played one on here? How are they at lvling and late game? Are charm pets way stronger than mage pets like in normal EQ? Finally, can you charm Raid bosses and run them around the zone?
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Re: Anyone played an Enchanter

Post by Mindbender »

I'll be rolling one when I get home today for the first character on cd.

Have no reservations about how bad it'll be sucking in comparison to, say, a rogue or something. Or, just about every other caster. But, we'll see. Only ever played an enc on live and was the best around while I played. Ive aged without it and miss it a lot. Short of setting up my own emu, it seems this place may be the next best option to scratch some very longstanding itches.

Not really keen on having more than a single character going at one time, but the secondary may prove necessary for the slog up to max level and aa, and even beyond from the looks of it.

True single character solo ability for the enc seems very, very far off, if not outright unfeasible on a whole, from the little pieces of information and commentary here on the boards.

Getting to that point of soloability, if it exists at all, does not look to be completely doable on it's own, either. (if going by the picture painted from the boards)

Though, I do hope to give that idea some some run for it's money.

Time will tell. Rather, I'm sure Potimeb will.

If you have any information gleaned since the end of 02/2022 when this was posted. Please do share it.
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Re: Anyone played an Enchanter

Post by Shakesbeard »

Sleep, now Repose, was an enchanter main. He has since made a warrior/zerker. No, you can't charm Raid bosses, you can however give your charms/pet regular armor and such. IMO I would not make an enchanter here. Pet's get merc'd by AoE in end game stuff too so it's a buzzkill. sorry.
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