Epic - v - 1hb

They will fist you to death.
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Epic - v - 1hb

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Looking for suggestions or recommendation,

I just completed the Monk 1.0 and finished off all Vanilla raids and just dinged 51 while killing PoFear .
Since the monk 1.0 does not have and weapon Aug slots like other weapons it feels like a waste. I have put in 4 +atk augs in the 1.0 and switched back to using two of 1hb from the server vendor the sap branch I think it is both with LDON 125 dmg augs .

In your guys opinion is that the right move due to increase dmg from procs or should I stick with epic fists ?
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Re: Epic - v - 1hb

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Just looking around the net for a bit found a formula for monk fist damage: (H2H_Skill/15)+3 so with 315 skill it makes monk fists do 24damage and I guess it depends on if your iksar(39) or human(38) for the delay which apparently never changes with level. So with just your fist equipped and not counting epic you should have a dam/delay of 24/38 for humans or 24/39 for iksar. I wouldn't worry to much about the haste clicky of the epic since it can also be equipped in the charm slot on this server and still used in case your lonely shaman buffs run out. I'd say go with the best ratio weapon you can find and throw the proc augs in those.
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