Help! I can't complete X epic!

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Help! I can't complete X epic!

Post by Rayne »

There are a number of posts from players who are experiencing difficulty in completing class epics. This post is to inform you that EVERY class epic can be completed on CD. I don't say this as a guide, but as a player who has completed each epic as they were intended.

This means that if an item isn't dropping for you, or your epic quest seems to stall, there are several possible reasons (and this isn't exhaustive):

1) You're hunting the wrong mob, the wrong item, or in the wrong zone. Check again, then double check.
***Shaman epic: there are TWO Spirit Sentinels in Emerald Jungle. Be sure you notice the difference.***
***Monk epic: There is both a MAD Kaiaren and a SANE Kaiaren in Trakanon's Teeth! Be sure you notice the difference.***
2) You skipped dialogue. In most cases you can skip dialogue, but you're at risk of that rare moment when the dialogue matters. This is ESPECIALLY important if you decide to quest a portion of another class' epic! Not checking through the dialogue, and/or having incorrect faction (such as Truespirit) leaves you at risk of losing your items!
3) You're having a case of bad luck. RNG isn't always nice, fair, or the same across different players. Out of all the epics the 2 craziest bottlenecks I encountered were getting the Ghoul Scribe (for Enc epic) to pop, and the Manisi herb (for Nec epic) to drop. Other players I spoke to were able to much more quickly obtain the Manisi herb than I was.
4) You have a faction issue. Ranger and Druids, for example, may have issues talking to Telin Darkforest to start their epics. Later, they may have trouble with talking to Alrik Farsight. These are easy to remedy with a bunch of tedious turn-ins. Additionally, some epics involve TRUESPIRIT faction (SK, Shaman, Wizard, Enchanter). This is a unique faction that was introduced alongside epic 1.0s. If you happen to screw up your Truespirit faction somehow, you can try killing Moltak in Solusek Temple to reset it ( I don't personally know if this works on CD, it's not usually an issue for most players.

Some things to note with epics on CD:

Rogue epic: Not specific to CD, but you need to be at least level 50 to get Anson McBale to spawn Stanos Herkanor. Dark Elves usually have faction issues with Anson.
Ranger /Druid requires VSR sub-quest (involving Firefly globe, resurrection scroll) for the Pulsing Green Stone. Normal VS does not drop the stone.
Bard epic dragongut strings require the UNDEAD BARD turn-in. Normal Trakanon does not drop the strings.
SK epic is by Lhranc token turn-in (the very last part).
Cleric epic requires summoning and killing Zordak in Skyfire (the pearlescent fragment drops were also terribad).
Pal epic 1.0 requires... 1) SoulFire -> 2) Fiery Avenger -> 3) Fiery Defender (this is the actual 1.0 epic).

ONLY THE EPIC ITSELF is nodrop. With this in mind be VERY careful if you decide to quest using another class. It can be done, but there are risks.

Mag epic spell (which summons their epic) is NOT nodrop. You can do the Master of Elements turn-in for the "summon orb" spell scroll and give it to a level 1, however the spell itself requires level 46 to scribe and cast (the same level necessary to enter the Plane of Sky, so there's no advantage in doing so.

P99 guides work fine in most cases. There ARE some small differences, you just have to think critically.
Alla guides work fine for Berserker and Beastlord.

LASTLY, if you decide to ignore this advice and lose your items, yes Poru is able to help with a petition or PM. HOWEVER, it can take Poru some time to restore the items you've lost, and in most cases it's much, much quicker if you quest for those pieces again yourself.
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Re: Help! I can't complete X epic!

Post by Teudaan »

I have a problem with my wizard epic 1.0.

After giving back the ring to the fake Halas merchant (from the she high elf), he turned into the female merchant again before I could continue with the diaglog; Thus, I kept hailing the merchant but she wont response anymore and act just as a regular merchant and I couldn't get a note from him to continue.

I tried to run the quest again at giving 1000 pp to the guy that sent me on the quest in the first place, but he just took the money and not response.
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