Cleric Epic

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Cleric Epic

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Just wanted to provide and FYI that I was able to complete the cleric epic for those that I seen recently starting up a cleric. While the class is not a great single target killer, the PBOE and AOE are really strong for the class. Also Undead fear a cleric nukes and dots.

It as been a fun class to play thus far but I can see how the AAs and healing spells are really not needed as much. However I am trying to play around with him to see if I can use him to mitigate DMG on my tanks with HoTs, reverse DMG shield and perhaps a bit of DPS from nukes. I have to say having Bash was a bit of a surprise, but then again I never tried a cleric on live and that just added to my fun know I could stun a runner with bash.

Anyways I just have not seen many played and I was curious if it was doable. I will provide more details as I level my little DE Cleric.

Thanks again Poru for the absolute fun you provide me out of the server.

Jallain / Toban
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