Jiva mini-boss soloing

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Jiva mini-boss soloing

Post by Scott » 27 Oct 2017 01:22

Jiva spawns an add every 30 seconds and has an unlimited number of them. Way too hard for someone to solo this mob. Had 15 of them spawned before I died. Any way to tone this down? Can't wait to get my 7777 staff here. -lvl 55 monk. I can kill pofire c2 raid mobs (pyronis, magmaton) at lvl 55 but can't take jiva.

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Re: Jiva mini-boss soloing

Post by Rayne » 27 Oct 2017 01:47

Edit: Decided to quote Poru's post here instead.

Regarding Jiva:
poru wrote:Lots of folks have complained about Jiva so I decided to weigh in after balancing the zone.

I just balanced Sol Ro Tower with a level 65 Monk.

Monk had 100aa (dps), mostly ldon gear + some PoP gear picked up along the way while balancing tiers 1 - 3.

I actually play balancing characters to win (hotkeys, discs, potions, etc.).

Jiva went down first attempt.

My strat was to burn Jiva down (still took a while) while tanking all the adds.

Second attempt went just as well, but a bit faster because Jiva dropped the monk staff on first attempt and it was a big upgrade for the balance char.

The only thing about Jiva I changed was to make all the adds depop when Jiva dies (because it takes forever to kill Jiva + adds, and it's too boring). So if you kill Jiva, you win.

I consider Jiva well balanced at this point, but feel free to add any feedback here.

Flags from solrotower mini bosses (Jiva, etc.) are required to reach Solusek, Rallos flag is not required.

Jiva is a lot tougher than the other Minis, and Solusek is a lot tougher than Jiva. Good luck!

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Re: Jiva mini-boss soloing

Post by feiel » 20 Nov 2017 00:38

I've not tested Jiva at 65 but I know a monk can do him at 57. I was able to knock him down at 57 with self obtained gear (few passes of AOW, single pass of Ntov). So nothing super crazy. I dunno if non-monks could do him at that level though.

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