intricate wooden figurine

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intricate wooden figurine

Post by iceman115571 » 17 Jul 2018 22:48

Hey just curious. I been going through the PoP progression as it was on live servers and after I've completed some of the planes I've went back to the dwarf in PoK and hailed him and said I will tell you stories. He has awarded me numerous times with the AA points but the stats are supposed to increase each time on the wooden figure and they have not. In fact there are no stats at all. Was curious if this is a bug.

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Re: intricate wooden figurine

Post by Teudaan » 07 Feb 2020 06:09

On live server, when I get tell the drawf "stories", he gives me AAs and message saying (your charm has been upgraded). But, on this server, it only gives AAs and no "charm upgrades" message, possibly it wasn't coded and not some bug with the game itself. Since, I assume people on this server use the Epic for charm spot more often, the figurine gets overlooked.

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