Fabled Temple of Veeshan

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Re: Fabled Temple of Veeshan

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Cleared Fabled ToV for the first time today, few findings.

Vulak has 2m hp
Most other dragons have 750k-1m
All dragons slowable, some are a huge pain with stuns, g Flux, and silences.
Vulak is a beast, unslowed = huge death spikes

Loot looks like each dragon has 1 unique Fabled drop from their orginal loot table, then drop 3 "Fabled ToV zone drops" I will call them. So Arcaic armor pieces, and Fabled ToV drops that are droppable from all dragons. Items like the Fabled Great Spear of Doom and Fabled Belt of the Destroyer are what I mean.

Question I have is, without many clears, is does each dragon only have 1 unique Fabled Drop or multiple possibilities?

Killed the WToV mobs a few times and now and got all the same 1 unique drop from them, along with the zone drops.
Lastly, Vulak droped the Fabled Sal'Varae's Robe. Anyone else get something diff from him?

Its a pretty big commitment to getting Fabled Vulak dead, and not sure its worth it again to get robe over and over.
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