Monk epic, brother Zephyl and Putrid Skeletons

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Monk epic, brother Zephyl and Putrid Skeletons

Post by Rubulisk » 23 Sep 2020 22:48

Hey hey, first, this is a really cool server and thank you for all the hard work.

I originally posted asking about whether or not Brother Z should have robe 100% of the time but I see on this server there are prior posts about him not having it all the time, one player told me they had to kill him 10-12 times to get it.

I am now attempting to do the headband/sash quests and have run into a possible issue.
For the second step in headband you need 3 'putrid rib bone' but the putrid skeletons that should be spawning in QHills are not showing (3 nights, 9 spawn clears). I have now cleared the first floor of Befallen twice, probably 12-14 putrid skeletons killed and no skele specifics drops from them at all (bone chips, putrid bones or otherwise).

If someone could please take a look I would appreciate it :D

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