Damage Numbers

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Damage Numbers

Post by Arigatu »

Hey! Just wanted to ask the powers that be if it is possible to have the damage numbers turned on? When knocking things out it helps to see how hard you are hitting them >.< Accidentally killed a 145 red beautiful male argentavis while trying to knock it out with a 188% cb. It should not have been able to damage that much during tame... The bird was so red in color, I couldn't see the blood till the feathers were scatty, and thought surely it will knock out before it dies, but nope...

If it causes too much lag, I understand. Otherwise I love the small things you have done to make quality of life better here. When I started a few days ago I wondered why so many dimetrodons and monkeys, but now I know why ;)

Such a nice place to play, no toxic people yet. I like it here, its a nice place to unwind after adminning on my home cluster lol.


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Re: Damage Numbers

Post by Grizzly »

damage numbers would be nice but it might get laggy
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