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Post by Giftcard » 01 Feb 2020 16:52

Do you plan to bring up a Genesis server this month Poru?

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Re: Genesis

Post by poru » 02 Feb 2020 00:09

We will cross that bridge if we ever get to it.

It was supposed to be out in January but was bumped to February 25th.

The media they have released so far seems underwhelming.

I question whether Genesis will have the mass appeal of the free maps like Ragnarok and Valguero, but I will remain open-minded.


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Re: Genesis

Post by DragonBugg » 05 Feb 2020 13:08

I'm personally uninterested, but as long as Valguero and Ragnarok stay, I'll be content. I do like Scorched Earth and some creatures from Extinction and Aberration, but otherwise I'm indifferent. I miss Rock Drakes though!

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