Monk balance question

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Monk balance question

Post by Rubulisk » 04 Oct 2020 23:49

Hey everyone, relatively new to the server and decided to come to the forums with something I've talked to other players about. Is monk dps low compared to the other melee classes?

I'm now geared out in full Ton Pos or better and use Staff of transcendence or Fabled shovel for my 2hb, damage per hit is either at 385 or 550, doubles off and triples sometimes. I have 125 or so AAs at this time and some decent rings and such from darkspeakers and other event mobs.

I have talked with rangers who were 59-60 with endless quiver and a decent bow (like the one from Reef of Coirnav) who auto attack for 1300-1500 with a weapon that has similar delays to my 2h. I have seen the damage that the hybrids and knights put out as AE using things like Tulwar and poisons, proca get nasty fast.

I really love monks as a class, I played it on live from Kunark to LoY and always felt I was more or less in line with the other DPS, outside of a rogue engaged in backstabbing for a group or raid. Is it something different about the server that has monk feeling so lackluster? Is it just observers bias and I need to keep with it and stack more AAs to see it shine?

Any feedback or tips, if I am missing something here, are greatly appreciated.

P.S. to anyone that works on the server, thank you. I might be struggling to justify my favorite class here but the server js fantastic.

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Re: Monk balance question

Post by Pholo » 19 Oct 2020 04:20

Yeah seems monk is very dependant on weapons with high damage procs like the Ethereal Destroyer or the Spiked Steel Baton

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