This leashing is bullshit

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This leashing is bullshit

Post by Jizzard »

Anyone else agree that this is totally antithetical to the nature of this server and everquest in general?

It's also pretty unfair to new players. And, I know it's this guy's server and all, but why should the opinion of people who actually play on the server not count? It seems like most people here disagree with the change. Hell I even just got in an argument with someone OOC, who was berating me for complaining about leashing. And you know what? Even he agree'd that leashing was a bad change. I have yet to see anyone who thinks it's a good idea.

I dunno, if you're really stuck on leashing, maybe at least, I don't know raise the AA xp rate, something.
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Re: This leashing is bullshit

Post by Kattamaran »

i second that, if i hadent already.. :roll:
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Re: This leashing is bullshit

Post by Kontao »

Refresh my memory: what mobs are being "leashed"? besides those in NToV and a few in SSRA? or is this term referring to something else?
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Re: This leashing is bullshit

Post by napalmg »

Its already an extremely easy server, but now its easy and painfully slow. Zone killing was a perk unique to this server. Casual means "Don't have to spend all night to get anywhere"; so i could log in, pull a few areas and make a couple AA and then go hang out with the fam.

What exactly is the motive behind the leashing anyway? To make it slower to level and advance AA? If the goal is to prevent server burnout and keep people around longer by prolonging the leveling, I don't think that will do it. A few other mechanics could be looked at that make it still balanced but not boring. It's like being given a sword that does 10k dps, but only works on mobs below lvl 20.
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Re: This leashing is bullshit

Post by Sephiroth781 »

Quick question. Is this still a thing? I seem to remember being able to pull a decent and easy to manage section of Dulak's at a time without running into leashing issues. I never pull entire zones on the off chance that someone else might be looking to level there too. Despite being able to level anywhere within level range, there are still favored areas like Dulak's that most people will likely gravitate to. So just to "not be that guy" I only pull limited sections of a zone at a time.
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